Monday, November 16, 2009

More photos added!

Check it out:

INBF World Championships/New York photogallery

And more pics added to FAME International Championships/Miami photogallery


  1. Hey guys, Missing you Anita but I'm sure your not home sick now. All the hard work is over for now and I'm sure the thrill of being world champ runs threw your veins every morning when you wake up. Unreal !! I'm telling everyone that your gonna be famous now. I read David's msg and your mum already new that you won. They were in Mt. Gambier thats why you couldn't reach them. I haven't seen any photo's yet my computer is blocking them for some reason but I will check again tonight. Missing you more niow that I have written this, can't wait to give you a big hug.
    Love and kisses from Doreen xxxx

  2. Hi I hope you get this msg as I haven't read any updates of how you guys are doing. Sorry I missed your call today Anita. Glad to hear that you are all well!! Tommy told me about your pro card, That's fantastic!! All is good here. Silly season is upon us and I'm sure you will be flat out when you get home. So enjoy the end of your trip and relax.Love Dorxx