Sunday, November 8, 2009

FAME International Championships results

Congratulations Team MBS! Our athletes placed in every division they entered at the FAME International Championships, held in Miami on 7th Nov:

Team MBS in their sexy Fitness Model and Muscle Model outfits

1st places to: Jane Watts in Level 1 Figure - Posing and Routine, Lesley Maxwell in Masters Figure - Physique, Jodi Sheafe in Level 1 Fitness Model and Anita Nicolaou in Level 2 Figure - Posing and Routine

Jodi Sheafe

2nd places to: Mel Reynolds in Level 1 Figure - Physique, Anita in Level 2 Muscle Model, Jane in Level 2 Figure - Physique and Level 1 Muscle Model, Jodi in Level 1 Figure - Posing and Routine

3rd places to: Lesley in Level 2 Figure - Posing and Routine and Level 2 Fitness Model and Mel in Level 1 Figure - Posing and Routine and Level 1 Muscle Model

More photos and detailed report coming very soon! 


  1. Hey you girls all look fantastic. So good to be able to conatact you. I didn't think you have this blog happening cause Jas wasn't there so well done who ever set this up. I was thinking of you all weekend and the fun you wood be having at the fame comp because its an awesome experiance. Anita you looked ripped. Those legs should have an insurance policy on them. I've spoken to tommy since I spoke to you on the phone and no stress all is cool. Enjoy New York I will keep updated. Michael your girls are hot!! Kiss and hug for Lesley x o

  2. Congratulations Lesley - how good is that, a champion in the US! I wish I was as confident of backing a winner here as I was that you would be first past the post this time. Even those calves were Cup winning quality! good luck for your next comp. Paul