Sunday, November 15, 2009

INBF World Championships results

Congratulations Team MBS!!!

INBF World Championships, New York, Sat 14th Nov:

Ms Fit Body: 
Overall winner: Anita Nicolaou!
Ms Fit Body tall: 1st Anita, 3rd Mel, 4th Lesley
Ms Fit Body short: 3rd Jane

USA FIgure:
USA Figure medium: 1st Lesley, 2nd Jane
USA FIgure tall: 2nd Mel, 3rd Jodi

Stay tuned: more details and more photos from New York, Miami and maybe even the Bahamas coming soon...


  1. Hey great photos, came across thsi site as i was looking for INBF results form the worlds!

    Cee Oliver - British Trained Figure Champion 2009 UK.

  2. Congratulations team MBS!! Was wonderful to hear the news and we are all so very proud. Anita, Mel, Lesley, Jodi and Jane you are inspiration for all of us back home hitting the gym night after night - thank you!

    Michael, Areti, Jas and the entire team at MBS you are the best and it is great to see your recognition on the world stage.

    Enjoy the rest of your well earned break! Love Rachael

  3. Congratulations Team MBS!!! I had the honor of meeting all of you in NYC as a fellow competitor and you all have inspired me in many ways! What an honor to stand on that stage with such a FIERCE group of women! MEL... you rock! Your story and our many parallels are burned in my mind, motivating me to press forward! Keep in touch! - Geraldine (

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